Saturday, May 15, 2010

JBoss Technologies presented at 1st nosqlbr

 This saturday, May 15th, we had the 1st Conference about noSQL technologies in São Paulo, Brazil, promoted by Caravela Technologies, in fact, organized by Alexandre Porcelli (former Drools and Hibernate Commiter) - The ANTLR Guy, with his team and his lovely "gang"(his family).

The event started from a simple post on Twitter (#nosqlbr), and from a original planning for 20 people (no regular ones but geeks) going to a bar and between a beer and a cairpirinha, the people would have some discussion about noSQL technologies. However, Porcelli is brazilian, and he never gives up, and in the end the 1st nosqlbr had about 250 attendees in a fancy hotel with an incredible cofee break , good people to talk and so on.

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