Thursday, February 25, 2010

IRC Gateway in JBoss ESB via Apache Camel

The breakingwoods project is happy to announce a new contribution: The initial Apache Camel fully integration. 

Right now, we are accepting any suggestion, contribution, testing, complains... money etc, anything you judge valuable for make this component a really useful new JBoss ESB 4.7 Component.

Basically what was done is just a new Gateway that is able to listen the Apache Camel Components, for awhile we just tested two of those: File and IRC.

IRC can be a good way to receive events or messages that can be delivered to an existing JBoss ESB Service, in other words, this is the finnest integration between these two opensource projects: JBoss ESB and Apache Camel, and the community behind breakingwoods is happy to deliver this new component.

How it Works

First of all, we need just to declare a new Service, that will be listener for Apache Camel.

The properties for this components are the following:
  • protocol-uri : Apache Camel Endpoint URI
  • destination-category : Service Category that will receive the events from the Camel Layer
  • destination-name: Service that will process the event that happened on Camel Layer
Once you have it done, you will be able to check the event coming from IRC Channel to JBoss ESB.

We hope that the community enjoy this!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Bossa Nova Way: JON success cases in Brazil, the rare accent again

If you lost this presentation during the last JBossWorld 2009 in Chicago, it's your the chance to watch 3 real success histories coming from Brazil.

JBoss Operations Network - JON is the productization of the Jopr project.  A JON subscription allows customers to perform enterprise management of not only JBoss Application Server , but also several important components such as the OS, Network traffic, Filesystems, Apache Web and Tomcat Servers, as well as internal services utilized by the JBoss Application Server, including: Hibernate, JMS, and Connection Pools.  It allows the JBoss to be recognized as a real "Enterprise Offering" in the market.   JON can be thought of as an enterprise level administration console for JBoss.  As Chris Morgan, Product Manager at Red Hat states: "You never will buy a car without a dashboard...".  JON is the dashboard that you were missing for your car!  In this Webinar, you will discover how three different customers increased the return on their JBoss Enterprise Application Platform investment by using JON.

Why coming from Brazil? It is not only because this country is in the media or because it is cool, but because Brazil typically has limited resources for deploying technology, so demonstrating how you can do more with less is critical in such an environment.  If it works here, then it can work for you as well!

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Tuesday, February 9 | 2pm EST (GMT-5) / 19:00 GMT