Friday, April 2, 2010

Speaking at Jazoon 2010

I am very happy to be accepted to be speaking at Jazoon 2010 with my paper entitled: "Opensource SOA on Steroids: Combining the robustness of JBoss ESB with the flexibility of Apache Camel".  I am very excited with that, and already planning a cool presentation with a lot of energy and ready to share many good topics with the audience.

Other much more relevant and famous JBossians were also accepted, see the following list :
  • Dan Allen
  • Emmanuel Bernard 
  • Heiko Braun 
  • Jean Deruelle 
  • Wesley Hales 
  • Aslak Knutsen 
  • Anil Saldhana
See the full list here: 

 I am proud to be representing the JBoss Solution Architects Team from Red Hat, and happy to have the chance to meet those incredible technicians there,  as well as all Java community that will be present there.      

I will try bring with me a "Cacha├ža bottle"  in order to prepare for my friends some "Brazilian Caipirinhas (", which is a really good mixing... Essentially as JBoss ESB and Apache Camel can to be.

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