Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Would you like to hear about JON's success cases as well as a curious accent at JBossWorld 2009?

This September is very special for me, my wife and my dad will be celebrating their birthday this month, and the third motivation for happiness is the fact to be speaking at JBossWorld, and sharing some thoughts and our experiences with everybody there.

This JBossWorld 2009, you will have chance to watch a presentation of some success cases of JBoss Operations Network (JON) in Brazil, and also notice how some customers obtained very valuable benefits from this product.

The presentation title is: The "bossanova-way": JBoss management with JON in Brazil - Real case studies and applications of JBoss Operations Network , you may ask: "wth...does Bossanova mean in this context?".
Well, I'm gonna tell you the inspiration behind this title, Bossanova is a brazilian style of music very well known internationally speaking, I have seen many docus on TV saying that bossanova is a very appreciated and recognized as a sophisticated form of entertainment in the US. However, many of my american friends, have no idea that it comes from Brazil...
I am not sure if you like Frank Sinatra, but he is one of the persons that fell in love by this music style?

Perhaps you are very used to hearing good stuff about Brazil such as soccer, samba, beaches....and ok...Ladies.... but many people don't realize that Red Hat brought JBoss business to Brazil 3 years ago, and we could make JON a "defacto" solution for majority of the JBoss Enterprise's subscription buyers.

And our secret...our secret was somewhat based on bossanova, as far as we tried to be: "Simple, however sophisticated", helping people understand the value and benefits that JON can bring to the companies that are using JBoss in an enterprise environment.

In this presentation, we will show some testimonial of customers, as well as some technical demos and simulation of the key features that were mandatory for running and support JBoss in a very enterprise level. Yep...We will have deep demos, besides a rare accent.

Well, I hope to see you there, in the end I am sure that you will see the power of JON in very large interesting applications and scenarios in the country where Brazilian Portuguese is spoken :)

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