Thursday, September 25, 2008

First look in jBPM BAM Console

This is an entry just to show you guys some screenshots from jBPM BAM Console, which we are doing a "technology-preview" for one client that is using heavily BPM concepts under JBoss Technologies, integrating with several legacy technologies.

Actually is very common people ask about BAM (Business Activity Monitoring), this discipline will be covered in JBoss jBPM through a Seam Application, using Ajax Technologies, RichFaces and other interesting resources, in addition to this, the BAM Console will offer an easy way to apply your company theme(css, colors, images) in the UI basically using Facelets.Here will go some screenshots of this great new in jBPM:



So, who said that we are not working in Business Sphere when we talk about our JBoss SOA Platform? I think you can see a nice answer for this question :). As soon as possible, I will try blog more about these new features into our SOA related projects.

I would like to say thanks to my friend Eduardo Guerra, which is our JBoss Consultant working on this customer and who took these screenshots.


Unknown said...

Interesting. It looks really fine. We are a Brazilian company based in Belo Horizonte, we are developing a big business platform for the Tourism market using the entire JBoss Platform: JBoss AS, Portal, Seam, Richfaces and now we are integrating the jBPM jPDL 3.2.3 distribution. It's really amazing see how all these technologies works together.

Is your jBPM BAM Console and open source project, is the code accessible.


Unknown said...

I am very happy to so see some decent BAM solution coming from JBoss! Looking forward to see some alpha/beta versions coming. :)

Unknown said...

There is already at least one BAM offering for jBPM, in fact it was announced by JBoss as part of the SOA stack at JBoss World in Florida this year.


Of course the way the BAM term is used, it means different things to different people. The SeeWhy solution leans more to the monitoring, closed loop and event driven BI aspects that are supported by it's underlying technology, rather than on-demand user reporting, both of which of course have value. So I'm sure we will end up with several different alternates in this area to support differing requirements.


Ronald van Kuijk said...

I do not want to disappoint anyone, but afaik, the new jBPM console with BAM functionality (albeit limited, but that will change) is not based on Seam, nor on richfaces. Personally, I would have liked it that way, but the new console is based on GWT.

Regarding BAM itself, I think it would have been better to focus on more complete BAM products like SeeWhy, or Pentaho instead of creating something new from scratch.

Edgar Silva said...


If you need any further information or help on build that solution, contact Red Hat in Brazil for professional Services, actually we have 3 JBoss partners in Belo-Horizonte: Synos, PDCase and PowerLogic.

Edgar Silva said...


We build it directly from the sources, there's no binary distro AFAIK.

The EAR is about 14mb, I can upload it in my website if you need.

Edgar Silva said...


SeeWhy is incredible fantastic solution, however I would like to see more focused work and documentation like you published here, it will be very valuable in the future for our JBoss team in Brazil.

Thanks a lot

Edgar Silva said...


Sorry, I had no time to check all technologies envolved, my friend Eduardo just built, and sent me these screenshots, where due to the "theme" I supposed RichFaces at least, and Seam, just because JBPM people and Seam guys are really close with each other.

I agree with you, that we have some other options, such as SeeWhy or Pentaho, however, many clients very oftern ask our JBoss people in Brazil about something made by the same team, I believe it is a big evolution for jBPM project. Let's see the next steps, but for awhile I am really excited with that "possibility".