Thursday, August 21, 2008

JBoss Profiler 2.0 Plugin for JON

I just started create a JON-plugin based on actual MBean that is the controller for execute the profiler commands, basically what I am doing for now is just "declare" the Services and Actions based on JMX-Actions, take a look on the actual result:

In addition, the Profiler Actions, I will be working a little bit more, when I get it done I will commit and create a distro into JBoss Profiler web site:

We are promoting a lot JON and RHQ-Project in Brazil, for many customers, JON is a good answer for an "Enterprise JBoss Management", if you have some MBeans ready that are really important for your Application, you can manage them using RHQ or JON much better than if you try do just using the legendary JMX-Console. Basically I did an rhq-plugin.xml describing my MBeans, see the following code:

For more information in how create Plugins for RHQ/JON:
Here some others screenshots:

New Commands available

Some Metrics, in a near future we will have profiler's reports available here

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